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We help to resolve complex family law matters quickly and efficiently so you can move forward with your life.

Frodis Family Law is a Toronto-based family law firm

You’re emotionally exhausted, confused and overwhelmed by your divorce or separation. You feel lost and unsure of what to do next. You’re fearful of financial loss and your children’s security. You have questions about the process, and your legal rights and options. You want to achieve a reasonable settlement, and ultimately achieve a reasonable settlement so that you can move forward with your life. We can help you get there.

Proven Track Record in Litigation

Since 1998, we have helped thousands of clients resolve complex family law cases.

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Why Frodis Family Law?

Fair Legal Fees

We understand that this process can be very expensive. This is why we are fair and reasonable when it comes to your legal fees. 

Make Informed Decisions

We provide guidance and knowledge about your legal options. We explain everything in clear detail so you can evaluate suggestions and make informed decisions.

Feel Understood

We want to hear you and understand your history and circumstances so we can provide you with the best support possible, and make sure you feel validated and understood.

Quick Responses

We are highly accessible, and genuinely do our best to address all your questions and needs. You won’t be waiting for us to call you back or answer your emails.

Prioritize Your Family’s Interests

We aim to preserve your assets and ensure security for you and your children.

Resolution Over Conflict

We want to settle your case, not escalate it.

Success Stories

An excellent return on this investment

“A most challenging life experience with a positive outcome. A friend of mine highly recommended Frodis Family Law to me. Upon deciding to work with Frodis Family Law I was nervous and skeptical because of my less than favourable experience with the previous family law council. During the process, a real effort was made to understand my history of circumstances. I felt very supported and my feelings were well validated. The case was handled with great expertise. The level of professionalism and attention to detail proved to be in my best interests. The level of preparedness by both my council and myself contributed greatly to a most favourable outcome. In closing the process was a huge investment personally and professionally. Kori and Dani made it possible for me to receive an excellent return on this investment. I would highly recommend Frodis Family Law.”

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