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The Frodis Barristers team offers the experience, credentials and success record of some of Toronto's most skilled family lawyers, combined with the personal approach of a small boutique firm. We advocate on behalf of our clients in family courts in Toronto, Newmarket, Brampton, Milton and Oshawa —and we pride ourselves on our reputation as personal, effective, and highly competent and successful in the courtroom.

If you'd like to learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us at 416-218-8888 or at at any time—we'd be happy to arrange an in-person meeting to discuss your needs.

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  • Negotiating and preparing separation agreements
  • Preparing and reviewing marriage and cohabitation contracts (pre-nups)
  • Advocating for our clients in all aspects of trial proceedings
  • Advocating for and representing the interests of our clients and their children


  • Shelly is a very thorough and competent professional who always had my best interests in mind. However, Shelly never hesitated to tell me the hard truths that you want to know as a client. I was always informed with Shelly and I always felt like I was in very good hands. She never missed a scheduled meeting and she always took my calls. What I especially liked about Shelly was ...

    Jordan C.
  • A separation process can be stressful so it makes the situation less of a burden when you know that you are in the hands of competent, professional individuals who can guide you and assist you.

    I had the greatest pleasure of working with Dani Frodis, Samantha Dineno and Shelly Banihashemi from Frodis Law. What an amazing team! My experience was professional and seamless. They took the time to ensure they addressed ...

    Adrianna G.
  • Shelly Banihashemi was my lawyer who represented me in a messy divorce case involving my wealthy non-resident (former) spouse who loved to litigate. Before Shelly started working on my case, I had worked with a number of lawyers for almost two years. During that time, my former spouse raised three separate cases against me in two different jurisdictions arguing that I did not have the legal grounds to get a ...

    Stephanie Z
  • I’ve been Dani’s client since 2004 and over the years I’ve worked with just about everyone at his firm. Without fail, Dani and his associates have provided excellent service and representation. I’ve had to spend a fair bit of time in family court and have seen lawyers—who might be technically proficient—lose their composure from stage-fright. Not Dani. Dani takes to the courtroom like an actor takes to the stage; he’s ...

    Jeff J.
  • "Samantha Dineno was the reason I came to Frodis Law. I was seeking sole custody of my daughter, and it was an incredibly stressful time for me. Samantha took the lead but kept me in the loop every step of the way—that was what I valued most about working with her.

    When mediation didn't work and we had to go to court, Samantha was calm, professional, and no-nonsense. And we won ...

    Amanda S.
  • "Throughout the course of my legal battle, Robyn was by my side. She was always available, gave direct and honest answers to my questions, and kept me up to date and informed on the status of my proceedings. I learned that not only did I have an amazing lawyer in Robyn, I also had an ally—someone I could rely on to get me through this ordeal.

    Thanks to Dani Frodis Barristers, ...

    Danielle F.
  • "Dani is smart and strategic. His commitment to me was to bring out the truth, and when we wound up in court with my now ex-husband, that's what he did, and we won our case.

    On a personal level, Dani was very supportive. He gave me the time I needed to ask questions and understand the process. He also used some of his team members to deal with paperwork and other ...

    Josephine G.
  • "Dani is a mensch. He gives lawyers a good name.

    I wasn't comfortable with my first divorce lawyer. A friend recommended Dani, and I felt from the beginning that he would do the right thing for me and my family. After mediation attempts failed, we had to go to trial. Dani was sharp and clear in court, and after a difficult and drawn-out trial, we got almost everything we asked ...

    Ron D.
  • "A lawyer friend of mine recommended Dani to help me go after my ex-husband for lack of child support. My case was complicated and involved not only matrimonial but also corporate law.

    Dani's 'bedside manner' is brilliant. I've worked with big-name Bay Street law firms who were unresponsive. Dani and his team responded the same day to my e-mails and calls, were easy to work with, and were great at managing ...

    Christine K.
  • "Dani has a great sense of humour, which you really need to survive this process. He was originally recommended to me by a friend. I was equally impressed when I met Kori, one of the other lawyers in the firm. They worked together as a team, and it was important to me to have a woman to work with as well.

    Dani is sweet and sincere in person, but in court ...

    Melanie G.
  • "Dani, Kori and their staff were tremendously knowledgeable, professional and concerned with the best interests of my children and me throughout the entire process. They were kind and matter of fact, always aware of my concerns as a parent. They made me feel confident in their judgement and advice as issues came up. I felt they were positive and looked to find solutions to issues and conflict, as opposed to ...

    Amanda B.
  • "Dani is even-keeled and smart. He understands people and what they need. Dani took me through mediation, arbitration and finally a successful settlement just before our court date.

    I dealt with many of Dani's excellent team members as well. Mary and I became quite close — she was so efficient and has a terrific sense of humour, which helped a lot!"

    Rhonda M.
  • "The team at Frodis Law is just that—a team. You definitely get the sense that it's more than a business for them; they're all very personal and take the time to walk through the process with you, and the way they work just flows well.

    Melissa and Samantha both helped me negotiate my separation agreement, with Shireen providing great backup in terms of support. In the end, we drafted an agreement ...

    Tim W.
  • He understood what I wanted in terms of outcomes of my divorce, and he took the time to explain what he felt would be in my best interest and why. I really appreciated that."

    Nicki W.
  • “Learning to navigate the family law system can be challenging. It takes the right lawyer who has integrity and authenticity to fight for your position. Kori is my third lawyer and by far the only one I would recommend. She listened to what I had to say and provided legal advice, keeping the best interests of my children in mind. She was always honest with me, and a pleasure to ...

    Sandra F.
  • “When I came to Frodis Law I felt broken and stigmatized. I had lost custody of my boys, and was unhappy with the lawyer I had been working with. Samantha took me under her wing and was present with me throughout my journey. She had a lot of respect for me, and from her I learned how to skilfully move forward. She is quiet, tactful and always professional—but still waters ...

    Nicole F.
  • “Frodis Law is a very female-friendly environment. I worked with Robyn and with Daniel, and Dani was always involved. Throughout my divorce they supported me with calm, informed advice. There were times I had difficulty separating the law and morals, and Daniel helped me understand the difference and my options. They helped me reach a settlement with my ex and move on with my life. I feel that they are ...

    Anita D.
  • “I met with Dani and Kori after working unsuccessfully with several lawyers, representing myself, and going through a failed mediation process. My husband was very, very difficult, and I knew I was in over my head. Kori understood my situation immediately. She saw the big picture and knew what I needed to do. She explained everything in crystal-clear detail, represented me skillfully, and reached a pre-trial settlement on my behalf.

    The ...

    Lois P.
  • “My ex and I separated when I was three months pregnant with our child. As a single mother, my primary focus was on my baby, and money was a concern. After working with another lawyer who wasted thousands of dollars and didn’t make any progress on my behalf, I ended up at Frodis Law based on a family member’s recommendation.

    Daniel helped me save money and minimize costs. He and Dani ...

  • “After I filed for a joint amicable divorce, I was appalled and shocked to find myself in the midst of a stressful, significant court battle to uphold my two signed legal agreements surrounding sole custody and my family’s finances.

    Thankfully, after spending a lot of money and time with no results, my first lawyer recommended Dani at Frodis Law. From my first contact with Angie, Dani, Kori and Danielle I ...

    Karen Y.
  • "I was very sheltered coming out of a long-term marriage. I felt vulnerable, emotionally and financially, and knew very little about personal finances and what my post-married life would be like.

    Kori was compassionate and competent and really helped me understand the process of legal separation. She taught me a lot—especially about keeping files and having my financial records in order. That helped me not only through the legal process but ...

    Elizabeth N.